Насладитесь возможностью поплавать в нашем пруду


Плавая в нашем пруду, почувствуйте нежность и силу природы

Landscape shot of the resort's pool. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery. The pool leads into the spa and there is a wooden bridge that leads guests inside to the outside and vice versa. Lining the pool are brown lounge chairs and white umbrellas. In the background there is a view of the swiss alps
detail shot of the pond outside of the waldhaus flims spa. The water is glassy and reflects the stones of the walls surrounding it. There is a wooden platform dock that allows people to stand and observe the pond.

Дышите свежим лесным воздухом, чувствуя, как восстанавливаются силы, пока вы плаваете в пруду отеля, вода в который поступает напрямую из источников в горах Флимса. Легендарный итальянский режиссер Паоло Соррентино сделал природную красоту этого пруда частью своего знаменитого фильма «Молодость». Именно в его прозрачных водах отдыхали герои Рэйчел Вайс и Харви Кейтеля.


Мы всегда готовы выполнить любые ваши пожелания

Администрация отеля Waldhaus Fims будет рада представить вам информацию об услугах нашего отеля, а также об окружающих достопримечательностях в соответствии с вашими пожеланиями.


Впечатления для всех органов чувств

В отеле Waldhaus Flims и на прилегающей к нему территории найдутся незабываемые занятия для любителей приключений, знатоков жизни и исследователей. Побалуйте себя разными гастрономическими изысками и спортивными занятиями на фоне великолепных природных ландшафтов.

an ariel shot of a bright blue river that snakes its way through the valley between two mountains. The mountains are covered in evergreen trees. The sun shines down and reflects off the river.

Восхититесь видами с высоты

a landscape shot of the expansive evergreen tree forests that surround the Waldhaus Flims resort. The trees go out as far as the eye can see and the deep green needles are covered in a dusting of snow. The sky above is a deep gray with white fluffy clouds weaving between the trees.

Выберите легкий маршрут для прогулки на снегоступах, чтобы полюбоваться восхитительными альпийскими видами

a man in snow gear walks on a snowy path. He is wearing a large gray backpack with two sets of snow shoes dangling from it. He is walking towards a forests of light and dark green trees. In the distance are snowy mountain peaks.

Дополните поход на снегоступах традиционным обедом в горах

A woman sits cross legged on a white yoga mat. She is wearing black shorts and a coral pink sports bra. Her hands are extended behind her back ad her palms are pressed together. She is performing yoga in the indoor pool area. There are gray lounge chairs in the background and you can see the blue pool water in the corner of the image.

Занимайтесь йогой в окружении гор

Занятия паддлбордом в бирюзовых водах озера Каума

a group of four toddlers sit on a log. They are laughing and reaching toward a cluster of bubbles that are in the foreground

Игры на свежем воздухе в парке «Вальдхаус»

a detail shot of a craft cocktail. The glass is set on a slate serving board. The cocktail has red syrup on the bottom and is clear on top. The drink and the serving platter are garnished with lemon slices and mint leaves

Коктейли под живую фортепианную музыку

an aerial shot of two mountain bikers. They are riding their bikes along a wood plank path. The path is lined with large trees. In the distance the forest is thick with evergreen trees. Little patches of sunlight beam through the canopy

Любуйтесь живописными видами на горы в ходе прогулки на электрическом велосипеде

an exterior shot of the resort's spa and outdoor pool. The building is modern and layered. The pool is natural, blending seamlessly into the surrounding nature. There are golden lights coming from the windows of the spa and it is reflecting off of the pool. In the distance are the evergreen trees and tops of the swiss alps.

Насладитесь возможностью поплавать в нашем пруду

a close up shot of a musician in a gray suit playing the trumpet. The trumpet is sleek and gold. The musicians hands are placed gently on the keys of the instrument. There is a red light in the background

Насладитесь нежными звуками джазовой музыки

a landscape shot of a simple bench sitting under evergreen trees in a park. The grass is nicely cut and lush. There is a little rock path leading past the bench.

Насладитесь пикником в парке

a detail shot of a thai dinner. The food is stacked on a white plate.

Научитесь готовить традиционные блюда тайской кухни

mountain top and trees cover in a blanket of snow under a sunny blue sky

Научитесь кататься на лыжах в зимней стране чудес

a private dinner table set up in the wine cellar. On the wall are copper pots lined on the wooden shelves as decoration. The long table is full with bowls of bread, grapes and cheeses. There is a bottle of wine in the middle of the table next to a tall candlestick. Plates and wine glasses are stacked on one end of the table across from the food. White chairs line the table.

Обед в музее Belle Époque нашего отеля

a detail shot of a beautifully prepared dinner. The plate is garnished with bright green herbs. Shiny silverware are leaned against the white plate. There is a glass of sparkling water next to the plate.

Обед за столом шефа


Окунитесь в прохладную, кристально чистую воду озера Креста

Отправляйтесь в поход по живописным горным тропам

landscape shot of the Rhine Gorge. The mountain is layered with lush green grass on the base and gray, snow dusted rock at the peak. The sky is light gray with clouds.

Отправьтесь в поход по восхитительному Рейнскому ущелью

a man in cargo short and a long sleeve shirt whips a large fishing rod through the air. He is standing in the middle of a stream. He wears a bright blue backpack and a green baseball cap. There are evergreen trees lining the river.

Отправьтесь в экспедицию, чтобы научиться ловить рыбу нахлыстом

an aerial shot of a swiss ski resort. There is a long ski life running the length of the mountain. Little forms of skiers dot the groomed trails. Evergreen trees dot the mountain. The ski is clear and bright blue.

Подарите себе восхитительный день в одном из крупнейших лыжных курортов Швейцарии

a close up of a shiny golden saxophone. A man in purple t shirt is holding it. In the background are other members of a band. There are colorful lights shining on them.

Посетите концерт под звездами

a close up shot of a snow shoer's legs are the step through the snow. Snow particles spray up around his feet as he moves forward. He holds poles in each hand and wears dark green snow pants and a red puffy jacket.

Поход на снегоступах к Мартинслоху в поисках удивительных горных видов

detail shot of a glass cup with amber colored whiskey in it with two ice cubes. Resting on top of the glass is a lit cigar. The smoke from the cigar slowly winds its way up into the air.

Проведите вечер за виски и сигарами

a lone snow shoer in an all black outfit treks through the powdery snow. On the right is a forest of evergreen trees dusted with snow. In the distance is a jagged, snow covered peak of a mountain.

Прогулка на снегоступах по страницам зимней сказки

a man in a woman in black helmets ride horses down a forest path. The one horse is a chocolate brown and the other is a gray and white speckled color. In the background are evergreen trees and the ridges of the swiss alps

Прокатитесь верхом на лошади по живописным горным тропам

a skier in a bright yellow jacket looks out over a cliff. The background of the photo is covered by white clouds.

Прокатитесь по самому большому хафпайпу в мире

a group of skiers in bright, colorful outfits ski and snowboard down a slope. The slope is well groomed. In the distance are the jagged snow covered tops of the swiss alps. The sky is a bright blue with a few little clouds.

Пушистый снег и незабываемые блюда итальянской кухни

Kids in the pool

Раскройте творческий потенциал в детском клубе

a large blue and yellow raft boat carries a group of seven tourists and one guide through rapids in river. The water splashes up around them. They are all smiling and laughing.

Рафтинг на Переднем Рейне

a landscape shot of the golf course. In the foreground there is a large sand dune. In th background is the lush grass with flags sparsely placed along the grass. In the distance are long grasses, the tops of mountains and the setting sun.

Сделайте первый удар на чемпионском гольф-поле

a woman in a white tennis dress and white tennis shoes stands in a crouches position as she waits for the ball to be served. Her hair is tied back in a tight ponytail and she hold her neon green racket close to her chest

Сходите на частный урок тенниса

Landscape shot of the resort's pool. The pool is surrounded by lush greenery. The pool leads into the spa and there is a wooden bridge that leads guests inside to the outside and vice versa. Lining the pool are brown lounge chairs and white umbrellas. In the background there is a view of the swiss alps

Тренируйтесь в нашем плавательном пруду

a dark wood violin is positioned in front of a black background

Ужинайте под тихую музыку фортепиано и скрипки

a group of climbers walk across a steel bridge on the face of a rocky cliff. They are wearing sport attire adn bright blue helmets. They hold on to a rope to keep steady as they walk across the bridge. Down below is a lush forest of light and dark green trees.

Улучшите свои навыки лазания по высоко натянутым канатам

three children are playing in a toy kitchen. They are all wearing oversize white t shirts. The little boy holds two plates of spaghetti with red sauce. He hands one of the plates to the little girl sitting at the table. They are all smiling.

Утолите голод и жажду новых кулинарных впечатлений в детском ресторане