Surrender to our restorative saunas


Steep your body and soul in warmth and well-being and feel any tension slip away

Aromatic steam baths

Your skin and airways are soothed by the cozy 45°C temperature and palpable humidity. Natural aromas diffused in steam surround you and envelop you in their beneficial influence.

Finnish sauna

This glass-encased sauna kept at to 85°C by hot stones makes for a discreet addition to its forest setting. Cool down under the waterfall showers or in the bathing pond.

Hammam steam bath

At 45°C, circulation is stimulated, which helps alleviate tension and curbs the effects of aging on your skin.

Hammam warm-up room

Gently acclimatize at 40°C to the heat of the hammam steam bath. Take your time, absorb the serenity, and look forward to a rejuvenating cleansing ritual.

In-ground sauna

The swimming pond jetty leads to our unique in-ground sauna, which is centered around an open fire with splendid views of the pond.

interior shot of a sauna. The walls are reds and blue and the floors are a slate gray. There is a long table in the middle of the room with towels and candles resting on it.

Swarovski physiotherm cabins

Warm your body through and through, without taxing your circulation. Infra-red beams radiate a gentle heat to loosen the muscles, soothe any pains, and help the body’s natural cleansing.

Quiet rooms

Our resting rooms have a mixed area and a women’s area, both with lovely views of the swimming pond and an ambiance of utter relaxation.

Women’s sauna area

A saunascape for the exclusive use of female guests. Aromatic baths with the essences of local mountains herbs are accompanied by a steam bath and a resting room.

Ice hole in pond

Our pond freezes in winter. We make an ice hole by the jetty, so guests brave enough can take a dip in the icy water, then warm up in the in-ground sauna for even more intense sensations.