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The power of quartz and Flims water

The Waldhaus Spa is a place to switch off and breathe out. Enter a world of relaxation, tranquillity and well-being. In an environment that seamlessly merges stone, water, glass and air, you can simply let go and float away.

Outdoor poolscape

In our heated outdoor pool profound relaxation is inhaled with each breath of fresh mountain air. The poolscape features bubble loungers, massage jets, a jacuzzi and neck massagers.

Indoor pool

Dive in and leave the world behind, against the splendid panorama of the Waldhaus Park and its mountain scenery from the vantage of a striking glass cube.

Sunbathing lawn with pool bar

Our sunbathing lawn has plenty of room for you to relax and linger in the fresh air. Throughout summer, cool drinks and refreshments are served at the pool bar.

Bathing pond

Immerse yourself in the gentle power of nature in our bathing pond, filled with soft local mountain spring water and complemented by a stream.

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