an Oasis for your Face


Experience luxurious skincare based on natural ingredients that can be adapted to all skin types and desires

We focus all our attention on your internal ad external beauty.
Tailored to your skin type, we dedicate our most careful and gentle care to your face with the leading swiss beauty brand of Jacqueline Piotaz.

Detox & Antistress Beauty by Jacqueline Piotaz

75 minutes | CHF 185

Our skin is heavily polluted daily by various forms of air pollution, UV radiation and other toxins. This revolutionary facial treatment helps to detoxify the skin and protect it from environmental pollution.

Alpine Radiance Illuminate by Jacqueline Piotaz

75 minutes | CHF 205

Renew your complexion with our intensive nourishing facial care treatment. The Alpine Radiance a powerful skin care for face, neck and décolette that refines the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines and makes the skin noticeably radiant.

Express Boost

30 minutes | CHF 105

The deep-acting express treatment for people who have little time or need a boost between the regular treatment routine. For tired, nervous and stressed skin.

Glacial Hydration Refresh by Jacqueline Piotaz

75 minutes | CHF 185

Invigorate your complexion with Alpine active ingredients that replenish lost moisture with our Glacial Hydration facial treatment. For a soothing, silky soft skin.

Cellpower Beauty Lift by Jacqueline Piotaz

75 minutes | CHF 255

In this treatment we aim at the individual signs of aging and strengthen the delicate skin with a mixture of plant stem cells, enzymes, acids and oils. Now smooth your appearance with a full and supple complexion for a visibly younger refreshed look.