Additional Treatments


Our additional salon services will ensure you look trim, tidy and confident for any occasion

close up shot of a woman's eye. Her iris is a grayish blue color and her black eyelashes are curled upward and thick. Her brown eyebrow is groomed and brushed neatly. Her brown hair is tightly pulled back.
close up shot of a woman's legs that are long, lean and tanned. Her hands are touching the smooth skin on her legs

From eyelash and brow services to hair removal, our full range of salon services allows you to look your best for any event, whether it’s a celebratory dinner or your wedding day.

Beauty Treatments

Eyebrow correction | CHF 15
Eyebrow shaping | CHF 25
Eyebrow tinting | CHF 25
Eyebrow shaping and tinting | CHF 40
Eyelash tinting | CHF 30
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting | CHF 50
Including eyebrow shaping
Hair removal upper lip | CHF 20
Hair removal face | CHF 35

The following additional treatments can be booked separately or in combination with a facial treatment.

Hair Removal

Armpits | CHF 25
Legs, partial | CHF 55
Arms, partial | CHF 35
Legs, full | CHF 95
Arms, full | CHF 65
Back or Chest | CHF 70
Bikini area, classic | CHF 70