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Performance and relaxation in balance

Physical exercise and inner tranquillity have a reciprocal effect. Our expert coaches can help you achieve top performances and beneficial relaxation by means of exercises to train your strength, endurance and coordination. You're welcome to visit the Waldhaus Spa gym any time of the day, seven days a week.

Work out on new exercise machines

The Waldhaus Spa gym boasts only the latest new and cutting-edge equipment by TechnoGym®, a globally prominent producer of biomechanically optimised exercise machines. Our instructors will be happy to show you just how to work towards your own optimum fitness level.

Your daily session for fitness and relaxation

Whatever your preferred form of exercise: intensive work-outs, liberating yoga classes or spinning, add movement to your day by visiting our fitness and relaxation classes in the Waldhaus Spa.

Download Weekly Workout Programm 1. Juli - 7. Juli 
Download Weekly Workout Programm 8. Juli - 14. Juli 



Every Tuesday and Thursday
7 pm to 7.50 pm

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Fitness club and personal trainers

Our goal is to work with you to discover new ways to achieve better physical health and a more active lifestyle. Thanks to our tailored programmes we can detect and correct any excess or incorrectly applied exertion. Thus continual training can boost the cardiovascular system, the body's metabolism and your state of mind – leading to a generally improved quality of life.

Your personal coaching modules

  • Back exercises
  • Fitness for skiing and hiking
  • Fat burning
  • Relaxation: yoga and pilates

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