Steil’ART July 14th till July 16th 2023


Steil’ART Chef’s Gala Dinner July 15, 2023

The Steil’ART Festival of the Arts will open on Saturday, July 15 with a first-class Chef’s Gala Dinner
hosted by Niklas Oberhofer and Tristan Brandt. One course one chef.
The culinary journey of the extra class in 6 courses and an exclusive wine accompaniment exquisite by VON SALIS.
Each dish is carefully composed and surprises with creative accents.
Provocative and harmonious at the same time – a true firework for eyes and palate.
The impressive art nouveau ball room of the Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort with its fantastic ambience offers the perfect scenery for this evening.

MARVIN BÖHM*** (Sous Chef Restaurant Aqua Wolfsburg) SIMON BANTLE* (Sous Chef* Restaurant epoca by Tristan Brandt),
MAURICE KUBAREK* (Sous Chef Restaurant epoca by Tristan Brandt).
The sweet temptations or in the elegant French expression “Petit Fours” are true works of art,
created by FABRICE OHLMANN* Chef Patissier “epoca by Tristan Brandt”.


6:00 PM // Culinary introduction

6:45 PM // 1. Course by Tristan Brandt**

7:15 PM // 2. Course by Niklas Oberhofer*

7:45 PM // 3. Course by Simon Bantle and Maurice Kuberek

8:30 PM// Moses Ceylan**

8:30 PM // Main Course Marvin Böhm Sous Chef***

9:15 PM // Dessert by Fabrice Ohlmann Patissier*

10:30 PM // End

Steil’ART Festival July 16, 2023

Street food at the very highest level.
Where else can you spend an entire afternoon feasting on star cuisine along 16 food stalls,
stroll through an art gallery at the same time and listen to the finest music? At the Steil’ART!

And what does art have to do with culinary art?
Salar Patrick Bahrampoori will explain this to you live on site, but this much in advance:
a chef is an artist in many respects.
He masters the art of extraordinary flavor combinations and variations.
His plate dishes sometimes resemble a painting,
appear almost in the form of a sculpture or represent a total work of art.

In addition to 13 star chefs from Switzerland and Germany as well as a patissier, high-caliber artists navigate
with their extraordinary creations and interpretations through forest and meadow.
Experience with all your senses the skillful combination of art and culinary.

4:00 PM // Start

4:00 – 5:00 // Tanja La Croix – Playback

5:00 – 8:00 // Tanja La Croix – Live Session

5:15 PM // Start of the Culinary Journey

8:00 – 9:00 // Tanja La Croix – Playback

8:15 PM // Live Concert Knallblech

9:00 PM // Moderation Salar Patrick Bahrampoori

10:00 PM – 02:00 AM // Food Truck

Steil’ART After Show Party July 16, 2023

Highlight of the festival is a grand finale with the fat house beats of DJ Antoine.
Other artists on the turntables are Tanja La Croix and Dangle Twins.

The party of superlatives in the historic pavilion of the Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort.
Here, guests already mastered the art of partying in 1904.
A casino at the time, they didn’t gamble, bit partied like kings.
In addition, the Art Nouveau Hall served among other things as a backdrop for the Hollywood movie “Youth”.
In the Art Nouveau Hall, stories are created and history is written.
Be part of a new chapter in the history of the Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort.

9:00 PM // Start

9:00 PM // Tanja La Croix

10:00 PM// Dj Antoine

00:00 AM// Dangel Twins

02:00 AM// Tom Maludi