July 14 to 16 2023:
Steil’ART – Festival of Arts by Waldhaus Flims


Clear the stage for Steil’ART – the Festival of the Arts by Waldhaus Flims

At the second edition of the Steil’ART Festival of the Arts by Waldhaus Flims, star and top chefs will meet artists and performers on 15 and 16 July.

After the successful premiere with over 300 guests and 150 performers in 2022, we are inviting you once again to the summit meeting for art and culinary arts on 15 and 16 July.

The ‘Festival of the Arts’ has become ‘Steil’ART – Festival of the Arts by Waldhaus Flims. Steil’ refers to the Rhaeto-Romanic roots of Steila, Staila or Stéla, which means star, depending on the idiom. Combined with the term Art for art, “Steil’ART” sums up the philosophy of the festival: pleasure for the palate, eyes, and ears.

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The philosophy of “Steil’ART” is to bring together different art forms. The focus is on gourmet cuisine, which should always be combined with different art forms in a new way, so that they can inspire each other.


The Steil’ART has a new motto every year. This year’s motto, Forest and Meadow, is reflected not only in the culinary delights but also in the works of the various artists. The spectrum ranges from painting and music to sculptures that merge with the landscape park of the Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort.

The keyword sustainability is on everyone’s lips and is not bypassing the upscale gastronomy sector. Nature has so much to offer. The focus here is on holistic utilization. Nose to tail and fermentation are just two aspects that guests at the festival will learn about through the creations of top chefs like Niklas Oberhofer and Tristan Brandt.