Belle Époque Museum


Take a journey back to the Belle Époque

An interior shot of the Belle Epoque Pavilion. At the far end of the room are golden pillars. There are circular brown tables around the room with brown leather chairs with pillows circling each table. There is a fireplace on the left wall. Along the wall are vintage photographs of scenes from the resort.
a detail shot of an exhibit in the Belle Epoque museum at the resort. There are wooden square shelves that hold old, tattered boxes. Each box has a label explaining what it was used for.

The pioneers of alpine hospitality made history at Waldhaus Flims, and this history is palpable to the present day. Explore the rooms of our museum to meet the grande dames and lords of the Belle Époque and the many colorful figures from Graubünden’s past.

A detail shot of an exhibit at the Belle Epoque museum at the resort. There are many knickknacks on display such as a a horse saddle, travel trunks, golf clubs and a blazer for a uniform.

A carefully curated collection of historical gems

The Belle Époque Hotel Museum opened in 1992 under the glass-covered Belle Époque pavilion. Today, visitors will find carefully arranged artefacts that were kept in the attics and basements of the Grand Hotel for decades. Prepare to be amazed, either with a short tour of the collection, or a culinary experience in one of the museum rooms. Open daily.

a detail shot of a jagged crystal formation on display at the Belle Epoque museum at the resort. The crystal is clear white at the bottom and gradually becomes purple at the top of each crystal formation.

A breathtaking trove of quartz crystals

Well-known local geologist Paul Membrini has travelled around the globe in search of the most dazzling precious stones he could find. Marvel over his collection of quartz crystals lining the underground passages of Waldhaus Flims. The exhibition is open to the public.