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    140 years of hotel treasures

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Brilliant treasures

The pioneers of alpine hospitality made history at Waldhaus Flims. This history is palpable to the present day. Explore the rooms of our museum and marvel as you take an inspiring journey back in time and meet the grande dames and lords of the Belle Époque or the many colourful figures from Graubünden’s history.

Belle Époque Hotel Museum

The Belle Époque Hotel Museum opened in 1992 under the Belle Époque pavilion. Today, visitors will find carefully arranged artefacts that were kept in the attics and basements of the Grand Hotel for decades. Prepare to be amazed by these historical gems – with a short tour or a culinary experience in one of the museum rooms. Open daily.

Crystal collection

Sparkling crystals line the underground passages of Waldhaus Flims. The quartz crystals originate from the collection of a well-known amateur geologist in Graubünden, Paul Membrini, who travelled around the globe searching for the most dazzling precious stones he could find. The exhibition is open to the public.