“Waldhaus Flims” hosts first festival of the arts

Epoca_Kuechenteam_1_Niklas_Oberhofer_und_Tristan_Brandt_Copyright_Epoca_by_Tristan Brandt_Foto_lvffood.com

With the festival premiere, top chef Tristan Brandt and up-and-coming talent Niklas Oberhofer will celebrate the pleasure of culinary craftsmanship together with ten chefs on 27 and 28 August.

On 27 and 28 August, the renowned “Waldhaus Flims Wellness Resort” will be transformed into a place of the arts: Starting with culinary crafts and ending with painting or music. Top chef Tristan Brandt, together with “Epoca by Tristan Brandt” head Niklas Oberhofer, is inviting guests for the first time to the Festival of the Arts in the historic buildings of the grand hotel as well as the hotel’s park, which was laid out in the 19th century.