Il Tschaler
A world devoted to cheese


Journey to the heart of Swiss mountain dining with these emblematic cheese dishes

a couple eating a fondue dinner. There is a large pot of melted cheese in the middle of the table. The diners are dipping pieces of bread on sticks into the pot. Surrounding the pot are loaves of bread, bowls of potatoes and plates of cheese. The setting is rustic and cozy.
a detail shot of wheels of cheese. Each cheese wheel has different colors in it signifying the different flavors within the cheese.

Choose from the classic fondue, prepared with a secret recipe, or innovative interpretations that incorporate unexpected ingredients such as summer truffles and Champagne. For wonderfully blistered, bubbly raclette, the choices range from cheeses infused with wild herbs to mountain hay.

interior shot of a rustic dining room. The walls are white with little candles lining the wooden window sills. The round tables are donned in burgundy linens and wooden country chairs with white patterned cushions circle the tables. Each table has wine classes and elegantly folded napkins at each seat. On the table in the foreground is a bottle of white wine, a fondue pot of melted cheese with potatoes, bread and other dishes to dip in the cheese.


A cozy atmosphere to match

Situated in the Grand Hotel’s vaulted cellar, Il Tschaler is delightfully rustic, complete with red gingham tablecloths and vintage skis on the wall.

a detail shot of a dinner plate. The copper dinner plate holds baby corn topped with melted cheese, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. There are two pickles to the side of the plate and a fork and knife leaning on the other side of the plate.


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