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Private Spa

Exclusive moments in total privacy

In the private spa suite, the comfort of a well-appointed apartment is combined with the amenities of a deluxe spa. The setting for a private wellness programme tailored to your every wish. Ensconced within, you can give yourself over entirely to enjoying an unforgettable interlude of relaxation.

  1. Private spa suite

    The private spa suite comprises 100 m² of every exclusivity you could dream of: a canopy bed, multi-sensory shower, separate sauna with alpine herbal infusion, jacuzzi pool, two massage couches for treatments, resting room and a refreshments bar for drinks and tasty nibbles.

  2. A private experience just for you

    Can be used alone, with your partner, friends or family. We'll gladly create an unforgettable experience for you – a dream package will be compiled to your specifications.

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  3. Private spa offers

    Private spa 2,5 hours

    1–2 people: CHF 350.–
    3–4 people: CHF 450.–
    5–6 people: CHF 550.–

    Private spa 3,5 hours

    1–2 people: CHF 450.–
    3–4 people: CHF 550.–
    5–6 people: CHF 650.–

    Private spa 4,5 hours

    1–2 people: CHF 550.–
    3–4 people: CHF 650.–
    5–6 people: CHF 750.–

    Rate for each extra hour

    1–2 people: CHF 80.–
    3–4 people: CHF 120.–
    5–6 people: CHF 160.–


    Tel.: +41 81 928 49 99

Explore our private spa packages

Alpine Romance

  • Day ticket to the Waldhaus Spa
  • 4.5-hour private spa with romantic décor
  • Pampering rose bath with fruit treats
  • 60 min. precious stone massage for two
  • Champagne, salmon and caviar canapés

Price for 2 people: CHF 790
Each additional person: CHF 250

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Alpine Spirit

  • Day ticket to the Waldhaus Spa
  • 3.5-hour private spa with alpine décor
  • Bath with mountain herbs
  • 50 min. massage with mountain herb extracts
  • Graubünden specialities with Flims beer or Graubünden wine

Price for 2 people: CHF 680
Each additional person: CHF 230

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Alpine Day for groups or families

Create your own package

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Alpine Special Day

Reserve a private spa interlude for two to six people tailored to your individual specifications.
We can make dreams come true – we'll put together an unforgettable experience just for you.

Prices according to services chosen

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Alpine Family Day

Reserve the private spa for an interlude of tranquillity with your nearest and dearest.
Spoil your children with a chocolate skincare treatment and treat yourself to an hour-long massage using extracts of local mountain herbs.

Prices according to services chosen

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